JW Holding and NTS Solar

JW Holding GmbH, an international company that has been operating successfully since 1976, specializes in the development and manufacturing of tanning and fluorescent lamps as well as vacuum tubes for solar thermal energy collection. For years, the group of companies that make up JW Holding has distinguished itself with market leading technologies and product portfolios made in Germany. The company has approximately 440 employees worldwide, serving customers in more than 60 countries. This includes 2 divisions, Cosmedico Light and Wolff System Technology.

The vision of JW Holding . . . As pioneers of tanning, we offer the positive effect of light in different shapes and spectra. Our company is the global quality and innovation leader in clearly defined niches. We operate sustainability, both in terms of our company and our employees, as well as economically and environmentally.

The primary goals of JW Holding are threefold: support for the indoor tanning industry, promotion of research for new light technologies including the developing sustainable solar energy collection systems and, finally, promoting responsibility towards others.

The third goal’s outcome is establishing the Jörg Wolff Foundation in 2004. For Jörg Wolff, the enjoyment of Business success and profits always goes hand in hand with the assumption of responsibility for others and the commitment to humanitarian causes. Gratitude for his own good fortunes and the willingness to let others participate in his prosperity are second nature for him. The Jörg Wolff Foundation is based on providing help where it’s needed and foster projects that are important and valuable.

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NTS-Solar is an international manufacturer with extensive global affiliations in the expanding solar-thermal industry and was founded for the sole purpose of providing the solar-thermal industry with the innovative, patented NARVA Vacuum tube. This patented vacuum tube is calibrated for maximum solar-thermal energy collection throughout the world - especially in northern latitudes not previously considered favorable for existing solar-thermal technologies.  

Our manufacturing facility in Germany has over 4 decades experience producing glass tubes and fluorescent lamps. The Solar Vacuum Tubes, manufactured using a patented glass-to-metal-seal technology and engineered with world-renowned German expertise in a state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing plant, provide the foundation for truly revolutionary solar-thermal collection systems.

This new standard in solar-thermal power collection and the application characteristics of this revolutionary technology will open new markets and even larger opportunities within the solar-thermal power industry - especially as NTS-Solar continues to explore the industrial and commercial applications for this technology.

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