How to choose the right lamp for your salon

We have provided below detailed information about Lamp Life in a downloadable PDF. It provides information based on minutes/start to the projected number of hours a lamp should perform. Yet, there are a number of dynamics that affect this ---high temp of the bed, high voltage operation, high current ballasts, and the use of glo-bottle starters will all affect physical life.

Also we have provided our Lamp Exposure Guide for your assistance in selecting Cosmedico products that meet your customers exposure preference.

To choose the right lamp for your salon, we recommend developing a checklist to help you choose the right lamp or components for your customer's  . . . High or Low pressure? Wattage? Base Required? Exposure Time? Rated Hours? Need new Starters? Ballasts?

If you find it’s hard for you to know how to order, call us and we will be glad to help you.

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