Recycling made easy…

Why recycle?

The mercury contained within the lamp and is not exposed to the environment unless the lamp is broken at the end of its life. The release of mercury is most likely to occur when the lamp is thrown in a garbage truck or a dumpster.

While lamps are not a major source of mercury pollution, the improper disposal of large numbers of lamps does add to mercury in the environment. Burning hazardous wastes or incineration of disposed materials can also release mercury into the environment. The greatest source of man-made mercury emissions, at 40%, is from fossil-fuel burning power plants.

The best way to prevent the release of mercury from lighting is to recycle lamps and not dispose of them in the solid waste stream. Recycling lamps captures the mercury, allowing it to be reused.

Simple steps to recycle and being environmentally green . . . Don’t break your bulbs since it will release mercury in the environment. Don’t throw out lamps with your trash. Find a center near you who will dispose of them on a regular basis.

It is estimated that businesses already recycle over 30% of their waste lamps annually and consumers are embracing lamp recycling as they switch to more efficient lighting technologies.

Please review the following links for more information in recycling your lamps. We thank you for participating in the environmentally green campaign.

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